Running with the ‘Meet and Eat’ Crowd?


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How often do you hear an extraordinary presentation? I don’t mean a cartoon-laced Powerpoint deck that makes you chuckle, or a keynote punctuated by slick multimedia clips. By extraordinary, I mean a TED-quality talk by a storyteller who simply takes … Continue reading

The Good in Bad Customer Reviews


EveryonesACritic-cover-cropOnline reviews trump advertising, in-store advice and friends when it comes to researching gadgets on, contractors on Angie’s List, getaways on TripAdvisor and finding out why Yelpers think that “hot” new restaurant is a flash in the pan. No matter where you look these days, #EveryonesACritic. New York Times bestselling author and online consumer behavior expert Bill Tancer says feedback on these sites is fertile ground for learning how to keep and win customers. Continue reading