The Good in Bad Customer Reviews

EveryonesACritic-cover-cropOnline reviews trump advertising, in-store advice and friends when it comes to researching gadgets on, contractors on Angie’s List, getaways on TripAdvisor and finding out why Yelpers think that “hot” new restaurant is a flash in the pan. No matter where you look these days, #EveryonesACritic. New York Times bestselling author and online consumer behavior expert Bill Tancer says feedback on these sites is fertile ground for learning how to keep and win customers.

The Most Influential Form of Social Media

In my post on Storify about his new book Everyone’s a Critic: Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World (Penguin Random House), Bill explains why reviews and ratings have surged in importance and shares how-tos for disenchanted business owners who ignore them. [Disclosure: Bill's a former colleague and now a client.]

On a webinar with Experian, he confirmed the vast majority of consumers rely on this marketing channel:

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