3 Ways to Rock Your Customers’ Day in Email

The end of a “House of Cards” episode. Bacon cornbread at Husk restaurant in Charleston. Sunsets. They all leave me wanting more, like the email that hit my inbox today about a webinar I recently attended.

First, props to the marketers at [Brand X] who emailed to thank me for attending. Nice touch. Too bad that was all the message said beyond the email address for feedback and the usual legalese from the online webinar service.

3 ways your email could have ROCKED my day:

  1. Give me content to gorge on. A simple message to attendees, such as “Like that webinar? Here’s a reading list” would help me learn more and leave with that satisfied feeling I have after a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Toffee Bar Crunch. Offer an article, a blog post, a Slideshare link, a book recommendation or your next webinar. Help attendees dig deeper on your topic.
  2. Issue wristbands. Good webinar content makes attendees want to get in line and ride again. Record your webinars and offer a replay so attendees like me can revisit tips and blast sound bites on social media. A recording would have come in handy if I had no-showed and serve thousands of small business owners and marketers who never knew about the live event.
  3. Encourage tinkering. A message like “Put these tips into action. Login. Take a test drive. See an example.” would nudge me to apply what I learn and interact with solution(s) from Brand X.

The email in today’s example was probably a simple case of the marketing team letting the default thank you email ride in the webinar system.

My advice to marketers: Review and edit default thank you emails or consider driving them out of your email automation system. Whichever option you choose, don’t miss these opportunities to engage your active listeners and give them more.

You’re investing a ton of effort into getting and keeping “butts in seats” for your online events. Reinvest in those relationships. Rock your follow-up communications with attendees by offering a path to stellar content.

How are you rocking webinars and continuing the conversation with your attendees?
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Also featured on LinkedIn Pulse

Also featured on LinkedIn Pulse

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