Joanna Rustin

Rustin Communications is a marketing communications and public relations firm that creates a larger-than-life market presence for high growth technology and services companies. Founder Joanna Rustin is an accomplished marcom, Public Relations and Analyst Relations executive with 20+ years of experience leading communications inside the industry’s top software and services companies.

We thrive on hearing influencers say, “Wow! I thought that company was much larger than it really is.” From Arbor Software’s IPO to Zaplet’s “mind-bending” collaborative email applications (per former Red Herring editor Rafe Needleman), we’ve heard that a lot during this exciting ride with Silicon Valley’s most talented entrepreneurs and hottest technologies.

Prospective clients often ask about the gap Rustin Communications fills in a marketing organization. Our sweet spot is helping companies reach the next stage of growth with strategic advisory services for Media and Influencer Relations. From revamping existing programs for mature startups to laying an initial PR and AR foundation for early stage companies, your virtual head of PR and AR is at arm’s reach.

We develop the strategy and programs and assemble a swat team of top talent to address your unique needs. Clients also involve Joanna as a liaison to their PR agency to drive maximum value from their investment. But there’s far more to it than the aircover, deep relationships and validation that result from effective PR & AR programs. Having worked at startups, we recognize how hard it is to bring new ideas to market. We understand what it’s like to wear many hats as you challenge much larger players for mindshare. With that perspective, we join you in the trenches, rolling up our sleeves and creating integrated marketing programs and campaigns that put your story on the map.

Rustin Communications adds value in many ways, from executive thought leadership programs to speaker’s bureaus, customer evangelist programs, partner marketing and writing for campaigns, blogs, websites and issues response. Everything we do is about boosting your exposure, engaging your target audience, challenging conventional wisdom and having fun along the way.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to talking with you.

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